Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a good day.  We lounged around the house for much of the morning and afternoon.  Ashley made an outstanding brunch with brown sugar pancakes topped with vegan whipped cream, tempeh bacon, with biscuits and gravy.  The feast was perfect Sunday morning fare.  Sweet and savory with lots of starch.  Ashley makes great biscuits!

My dad and Sue stopped by to drop some chairs off and we got to show them the parts of the house that have been changing.  I think they were impressed with the progress and how well the house is coming together.  I also got to have a nice phone call with my mum.

After a quick dinner, we dropped Kaleigh off at my sister/niece/nephew's house and Ashley and I took off to Portland to see one of our favorite bands, Days N Daze.  They may not have been on their A game but it was still a lot of fun to watch them play again.

Sometimes the best days are those that are relaxing.  Too often I look for the adventurous or memorable moments.  Slowly, I am learning to appreciate the smaller things and enjoy the day for what it is.  It is a long process but I can feel myself making headway.

Picking up vegan cupcakes in Portland did not hurt either...

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