Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Failure turned win

Over and over, like a broken record, I have stated I am not a baker.  Yet I try.  Often.  To the detriment of my baking esteem.  I am not sure I would call this another fail but a stumble onto success!

Since moving to Maine, the whoopie pie capital of the world, I have felt the desire to make some pies.  Whoopie pies.  As a child they were a staple of the sweets in Maine.  I have to master the whoopie, to re-gain respect as a Mainer.

Attempt number one left me with cake pieces that we too thins and stick the the pan.  I was able to salvage enough for 5 whoopie pies.  The rest end up sitting in a vintage dish, crumbled.

The icing came out wonderful.  I made a Maine maple syrup icing to tag along with the hazelnut chocolate cake.  The flavor combination was excellent and I assembled my 5 pies.  They came out decent, not perfect but certainly acceptable.

With an abundance of icing and a dish of crumbled whoopie cake, I knew what had to be done.  Maybe we can call it "whoopie pie deconstructed" I thought as I began to unload the icing into the cake crumbles.  After mixing it and giving it a taste test I knew it did not matter what I called it as long as I got to eat it for a bedtime snack!

Failure turned win!

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