Monday, October 6, 2014

It's a Girl!

For some time now we have been throwing around the idea of inviting a dog to come live with us.  In fact, we had been looking at adoption sites online for months.  A couple of weeks ago we traveled two hours to visit a dog named Sammy.

Sammy was a lab mix and fit all of the qualifications we were looking for in a companion.  When we got to the facility, Sammy did not seem very interested in us.  There just did not seem to be a connection with him.  It was sad because we really wanted to make it work.  The woman who runs the adoption center mentioned that she had 4 other dogs coming from bad situations in Georgia arriving in about 30 minutes if we wanted to wait.

We opted to wait without thinking about it too much since we new nothing about the dogs that were arriving.  As soon as the dogs got to the house, stretched their legs, and went to the bathroom, one came over to Ashley and Kaleigh for attention.  Her name was Tessa, a boxer whippet mix with a super cute under bite.

We asked a few questions about Tessa but she was not house trained (only crate trained), they did not know if she would be good with cats, and she was a little younger than we were prepared for.  We stayed and played with the doggies for awhile longer and Tessa was showing what a great dog she was.

After some long discussion and careful consideration, we opted to foster Tessa for a week. During that week we would see if she was able to be house trained, and if she was good with cats.  We took her for the long car ride back to our home for her first night.

Since then, we have been working diligently on house training, she is getting used to the cat, and as it turns out she is slightly older than we thought.  We have decided to make her a permanent addition to our family, with her consent of course.  She can not stand to be away from us.

Meet Tessa!

One of the things that I really like about Tessa is that she does very well off a leash.  Around the yard she (pretty much) knows her boundaries and we have even taken her to our local state park for a swim.  It looks like she doesn't know how to swim yet but she will get there.

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