Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spend nothing for 7 days

We have been working on some expensive projects and I have been spending far to much money.  I decided that I needed to get a better handle on my expenses.  After a comprehensive grocery shopping trip and a fill at the gas station, I will not spend any money for 7 days.

I have done this challenge before but this time, Ashley is taking it with me.  It should allow us to save a little more during that time but more importantly, it will allow us to get better control over the finances in the house.

After the massive grocery stop, we decided to make a fancy(ish) dinner.  We made coconut rice with a pinch of lime and coconut tempeh with green peppers and lime.  I really like this dish, although I do not make it nearly enough.

This time we made the sauce a little more soupy which was actually an improvement since we were able to soak on some with the rice.  It was a great dish!

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adriennefriend said...

Oh great, you answered my question here. Makes sense. Good luck - I know you'll do it, and you'll probably say it was "easy" after the fact! :-)