Monday, June 9, 2014

Seitan Chickin Sandwiches!

Ashley, Kaleigh, and I have been using my new deep fryer for just about everything.  We use it several times a week.  One of the big hits is the seitan chickin I have made for years but the deep fryer adds another level.

This time, we took that same recipe, cut the chickin into slices and added them to sandwiches with my homemade vegan ranch sauce.  We combined it with my homemade fries and Ashley's cole slaw.  It was an amazing meal!

Kaleigh has been out of school for over a week now.  It has been a lot of fun spending more time with her.  We have been cooking a lot more together.  In fact, Ashley even took a day off from work last week and we all spend some quality time together.  We ate a lot of donuts, went to a movie, went to the bookstore, it was great.  I am looking forward to a time when we are not always on the grind and we can all spend quality time together more frequently.

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