Friday, July 13, 2012

Tasters; Pizza and Cookies

Breaking away from the summer foods like burritos and chicpea chicken salad, Ashley, Kaleigh and I opted to make pizza!  As a throw back to my trip to Spain, we actually made a Bar B Que chickin pizza.  It is a big thing here in the south and it is fantastic.

Kaleigh, at 5 years old, is often picky about eating some of the foods I make.  I think they are a bit out of her comfort zone.  She will occasionally tell me that her "tasters" like a particular food though.  When she and Ashley come to visit, I have been trying to make things that she might be more familiar with but add some new items into her diet, slowly.  That is where we came up with the pizza idea.

I had the soy chickin and Bar B Que under the vegan cheese, then I topped it with fried zucchini and after we pulled it out of the oven, added sliced avocado.  She actually liked it a lot and ate a couple of slices.  It is always nice when it is a winner.

After dinner, we baked some S'mores Cookies.  Always a treat!  These are certainly a favorite around the house, with everyone.  So rich, so delicious.


xvavaveganx said...

Those cookies look so amazing and gooey! What a perfect summer treat! Pizza looks great too :)

Alessandra said...

Good on you making a 5 years old trying new food :-).


Jennifer Lynskey said...

I am totally putting fried zucchini on pizza. Looks delish!

Jeane M. said...

Wow, would really love to try this pizza for weekends. Of course cookies too. Got my eye on your blog now.