Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Morbid Vegan...

The Air Conditioning units have been the bane of me for a few months.  I have had to do work on the at the rental unit, more than once and yesterday, the one at my house went out.  I went to my crawl space to see what the issue might be.  As I turned the light on and looked down, I saw a large dead squirrel about an inch from my feet.  Startled, I stepped back and continued with the AC issues.

I got up this morning with the intention of getting rid of the squirrel.  After a brief discussion with Jamie we agreed that throwing it into the woods was the best option.  I decided to take my shovel and rake and scoop the dead animal up, march into the woods and catapult it as far as I could.

All was going as planned, the scoop was flawless, get out of the crawl place with it was relatively smooth as was the walk to the wooded back yard.  Then the catapult, it had a high arc and I felt done, until, it got stuck in the tree.  Now, I had a dead squirrel stuck in the branches of a tree in my back yard.  I used the rake to knock it down, which took several tries.  The second catapult had similar results.  I finally ended up just setting it on the ground just into the edge of the woods line.

It was quite a morbidly comedic event.

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Naomi Paisley-Flango said...

That sounds hilarious! Hey it was already dead. The great circle of life (I know I can hear your yada yada yada) and all. My kids actually have a more complete concept of death and meat because of dead mice they see in our yard. The kids teacher actually asked me to talk to the 4yo because he was freaking the other kids out saying "I don't eat chicken because it is dead like the mouse in our yard. And we don't eat dead things in our house." He has said variations of that more than once at school. I told the teacher he wasn't wrong.