Monday, July 23, 2012

Seitan is Motivation

The motivation is starting to come back now.  I recently tried my hand at some seitan ribs.  Since my return from Spain, I have been putting in a lot of effort to re-create some lentil based seitan.  It has not gone as smoothly as I liked and has been somewhat frustrating.  This time I just went with what I knew and made some classic seitan, ribs style.

They were decent, nothing special but they certainly were better with some rosemary fries!  As this work week winds down, I really hope to get some great things done.  I need to keep myself on top of it.  Atlanta summer is rough.


xvavaveganx said...

Bummer the ribs were just ok, but they look great! Rosemary fries sound perfect, potatoes and rosemary are such a great combination!

Dawn said...

I hate seitan "fails" because it wastes precious VWG which is expensive, and so much TIME because most seitan recipes take so long! Ugh! I had a big seitan fail in the spring where I was trying to use up some leftover mashed chickpeas & mashed potatoes (no more than 1/4 cup of each I think) in a seitan recipe that made a TON, and took forever, and it was totally mushy. YUCK. I bet the same thing is happening with trying to use lentils (though it SOUNDS so good and tempting to do, right?). I still have that yucky seitan in my freezer! I'm going back to using Tami's recipe from American Vegan Kitchen, her seitan is the best! Or, Isa's holiday seitan loaf, that thing was slammin'. :-)

P.S. Congrats on your cookbook win, btw, I'm sure Joni's book has a great seitan recipe, too.

Alessandra said...

Lentil based seitan sounds good! I am not a fan of seitan, so far I found only one type that I like in shops (and it looks like fake duck...) and I make already too many bread.flour based dishes that I don't really need seitan in my diet... but a lentil one I would like to try!