Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ants on a Log and Chicpea Chickin Salad!

A week or so ago, I was able to spend the day with Ashley and Kaleigh.  We got some random errand type things done and had a great day.  Since the summer has arrived, Ashley has been looking forward to my chicpea chickin salad.  It is a favorite among most folks who have tried it.

I was making the chicpea from scratch (well, I didnt grow them), so everyone was beginning to get hungry as I was boiling them.  To tide the famished over, I made something I had never had before, Ants on a Log!  I have never been a fan of celery so I think I just avoid these but as I was putting them together, I tried one.  To my surprise, they were pretty tasty, even if I did not actually have raisins and was using currants.  The ladies in the house (Jamie included) gobbled these up.

In the meantime, I was diligently working on the chickin salad.  Once it was finally finished, we made some great wraps as well as having some on crackers.  It was coupled with as nice salad.

After dinner, Ashley, Kaleigh and I went to the park to watch the sunset.  We got mildly harassed by a cop who was trying to clear the park because it was dusk. 

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