Friday, May 4, 2012

Spain Vacation: Day four; Collserola, Punk and Indian

Most of my vacations in recent years have had me spending the majority of my time in the wild.  I tried to focus on being open to more of a city trip this time because I did not know the language well, had to reliable transportation, and was lone for much of the time I would be in the outdoors.

Saturday morning came, my friend Pari and her son Zahid, offered to take me to a local mountain that was on the public transportation.  I readily accepted and we were on our way to Collserola.  It had some panoramic views of the city of Barcelona.  Sadly, within minutes, Zahid was bored and wanted to go back.  Pari and I forced the issue a bit and had the three of us continue to trek further but our time was limited. 

We did see some very strange tree bark that I had never experienced before and there were an abundance of wild flowers.  It was certainly a nice walk and it gave Pari and I a good opportunity to catch up after nearly 10 years.

Once we got back to the city, Pari and I went to meet a couple of her friends.  They were some punk kids that she thought I would get along with and might know of a show that I could go to.  They were super nice and as it turned out, the band I wanted to see, Crosta, was playing later in the week.

We stopped at the market and grabbed some vegetables before she and I headed back to her apartment.  I sat around and did nothing while she made some great dinner.  Spinach and potatoes, Indian style!  After awhile, Hocine brought home some treats.  They were some sort of almond based sweet.  Pretty yummy, I gobbled them up as a bedtime snack.


Jes said...

What a beautiful forest--I love that tree bark, it's definitely different.

adriennefriend said...

Is that last thing the almond sweet? It looks... kinda crazy. But also tasty.

Alessandra said...

I like the look of that sweet, very European! Enjoy your trip!!!!