Friday, May 11, 2012

Spain Vacation: Day Eleven; Gopal, park and Garraf

Saturday, Pari, her kids and I walked to Gopal for another lunch.  We had some more burgers and cake to go.  After lunch we played a bit in the park right outside of the deli.

Pari had to go clean the school that Zahid attends and refused my help.  It would be several hours so I hoped a train and went out on my own again.  Garraf was my destination, the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  It was a short train ride and then I was on the beach.  I walked through the sand and relaxed a bit.  Since my hike in Vall de Nuria, my sandals were broken and my traction was spotty at best.  I was hesitant to climb into the rocks along the coast.

I was able to scale a fence and walk along a massive rock to the sea where I found dozens of wild flowers.  It was a really nice walk that felt very relaxing.  I hoped a train back to Barcelona just before the rain started to fall.  Then I walked around town a bit more and returned for some a pasta dinner at with Pari's family.  It was an early bedtime.

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