Monday, May 7, 2012

Spain Vacation: Day Seven; Going to school

Tuesday, Pari had a obligation to cook for Zahid's school.  Once a month, each parent gets assigned to cook lunch for the kids.  This day happened to fall when I was visiting.  There are some general guidelines for ingredients but beyond that you can make whatever you want.  The guidelines for this meal were potatoes, vegetables and eggs.  We ignored the eggs.

We arrived with a sack of vegetables, a few potatoes and no clear plan.  I rarely cook for kids and have never cooked a meal centered around a group of kids.  I decided to make a potato soup, which was pretty easy.  Then we planned to make a stir fry but it looked like we did not quite have enough vegetables to feed a room full of kids. Pari also mentioned that you often have to "hide" the vegetables for the kids to eat them.  That does not a stir-fry make.

With the vegetables sitting there, completed, I was running out of time.  I noticed a bag of large leaf lettuce we got and immediately went to lettuce wraps filled with the stir-fry and quinoa we had.  A layer of quinoa, a layer of stirfry, some lemon zest, rolled like a burrito in a leaf of lettuce.  It was an interesting concoction but it worked.  It was foreign enough for many of the kids to think it was cool.

That evening, Pari went to work and I went walking around town again, camera-less.  After she got back from work, we planned my big trip for the morning.

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