Monday, September 5, 2011

A new bread and more burritos

I have not been posting many recipies lately.  I would like to say that I am saving them all up for veganmofo but it is not true.  I have just been a little busy and trying to perfect dishes to share.

My most recent experiement is a new blueberry bread.  It has some uniqinees thay I will drop on the blog world at a later date.  (Maybe these cliff hangers will help my dwindling blog-hits?)  I will however, share a quick photo.

I have also been making burritos often.  I think that it is my autumn craving for hearty foods coupled with the heat of the lingering Atlanta summer.  I really want something heavy but my body rejects not only the food but the time it takes to cook it.  Burritos are the prefect solution.  Hearty, quick, easy.

Mango has been finding its way into many of my burritos.  It really adds a nice sweetness, much like corn, but jucier.  It is a massive hit at my house and I would encourage anyone to try it.


Jes said...

Mango in burritos sounds really good--and definitely nothing I would have thought of!

Michelle said...

Mango in burritos...who would have ever thought. I'm gonna have to try that out...sounds awesome!

Oh....the blueberry sure looks good!!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

It looks divine.

Millie said...

everything looks so good...yum!