Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple Jubilee 2011

As a child, one of the highlights of the late summer early autumn season was the afternoon my mum and I would go to the apple orchard.  It made great memories for my mum and I.  We road on hay wagons, ate apples we should have been picking and always left with a gallon of cider and maple candy.

The apple orchard in the south are a little different but have their own brand of greatness for a mother and child.  I was lucky enough to accompany Ashley and Kaleigh to the orchard for the second straight year.  It was a great day and Ashley and I were constantly amazed at how much she had grown in a year.

This year Kaliegh was even big enough this year to pick her own apples.

As a lunch, we split some ribbon french fries.  These are always a treat at the orchard, as they also grow their own potatoes.  I just wish they made some vegan pie for us!


Jes said...

Hooray for apples! I've never gone apple picking, even though I live in the middle of an apple region...should get on it. Those fries look delish!

xvavaveganx said...

I love apple picking, it is one of my favorite fall activities :) Those ribbon fries look AMAZING! Are they baked? or fried? I want to try making them. Any idea what kind of apples they used?

Millie said...

such a nice place to visit. Lots of great apples for a nice pan of homemade apple crisp...yum.

Isobelle said...

Wow, the ribbon apples look incredible!

Carissa said...

Aww, sounds like fun! Apple orchards are awesome. I went to one for the first time last year. They don't have things like that in Hawaii. Mostly coffee "orchards" :)