Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Day 4

Sadly, Sunday rolled in and it was time to head back to Atlanta.  Not only head home but I had to work that evening.  I was not looking forward to it and had a difficult time not allowing the dread effect what should have been a nice half of a vacation day.

The morning began well.  During the weekend, we had picked up some popsicle.  They became a pivotal part of the trip.  Kaleigh and I bonded with them by eating lots of them, even when we were not supposed to.  Sometimes getting a sugar rush just before bed.

We decided to send off the vacation by the three of us sitting on the deck, outside of the lodge in rocking chairs, sucking down the last few pops of the trip.  It was a nice goodbye to our mini-vacation.


Millie said...

so happy you had a good time...those memories are priceless.

Alessandra said...

I feel like a vacation now! Here it is raining cats and dogs!!!