Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Day 1

Ashley's father was getting married in the mountains of North Carolina and I got invited!  Ashley, her daughter (Kaleigh), and I made a weekend out of the event.  IT was really nice to get out of town for the weekend and we had some fun things to do and good food to eat.

Day one was mainly driving three hours in the heat.  We stopped in Franklyn North Carolina for a late lunch.  It was a place called Hungry Bear and they were said to be the most veg friendly place in town.  They had some solid options for vegans too, sadly, there bread was not vegan.  I had a large white bean salad, Ashley had a bun-less burger and a side salad.

Shortly after lunch, we were at our lodge.  It was a really nice place will a full kitchen and I was able to cook a meal on one of the days.  That evening, we walked the 500 feet to the creek and looked around.  Dinner was at a Mexican place that was not very vegan friendly.


Elisabeth said...

I am glad that you had a chance to get away from Atlanta for the weekend :-) I love bean salads, they are simple, but filling and packed with protein and fiber.

dirtyduck said...

lol that was an abrupt ending:) i would never guess that a plae called hungry bear would be vegan friendly, glad you were able to find it:)

Alessandra said...

I cannot imagine a non vegan bread, possibly because in my mind bread is always made with water and no milk or fat... pity, a part from that it seems like you are having a good trip :-).

Enjoy the wedding.


Alessandra said...

Ops, just read 'not very vegan friendly" about the Mexican... before I didn't read the "not", strange again, (in my mind- I am really doubting the American diet now) Mexican cuisine has so much rice and tortillas and beans... I think that in the US they adding pork and cheese even where they didn't have it at home!

deva said...

that all looks so good. just spent a weekend in savannah. it's not atlanta..but it's georgia.