Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation in Town: Day 4

The final full day of my stay-cation ended with a quickness.

We got up in the morning and Tayshaun and I made pancakes.  He spotted some green food coloring and wanted to use it.  I thought there was no harm in green cakes so we dropped some into the batter.  It seemed like they should have been mint pancakes but maybe I will save that for another time.

I did not have enough syrup so I took some frozen raspberries and made a jam to put on the pancakes.  They came out good and we all gorged ourselves a bit too much.  Then it was off to the park!

The goal was to wear Tayshaun out so he could take an early nap and we could to go to petting zoo later in the afternoon.  While playing with Tayshaun on the equipment, I lost my balance, slipped, and twisted my ankle.  Several years ago I tore some ligaments in that ankle and was out of commission for months.  I am applying ice and elevating it with high hopes that this is a minor injury.

As for the evening plans, Ashley got out of work early enough to take the whole crew.  I stayed home so keep the weight off my foot.  It was nice to have a quite house but I do wish I could have gone with them.  Ashley really saved the day in taking Cait, Amy, Jazaiah, Tayshaun and Kaleigh without me.  She even took a few pictures.


Millie said...

hoping you get better soon...relax.

Alessandra said...

So sorry about your ankle, try arnica, cream on the sore part and drops to drink, it works wonders.

Green pancakes? A first one for me :-)

PIE-314 said...

If you make pancakes with M&Ms, the colour from the shells always make the pancakes rainbowy (especially the blue ones).

Sammy said...

Hey Vic,
Those pictures of the kids are great. Though I'm a bit jealous, I'm glad you got to spend a few family days with them. Hope you have a great summer and that that troublesome ankle heals quickly!