Friday, June 3, 2011

Vacation in Town: Day 2

Stay-cation day two was another eventful outing.  In the morning, it was just the 5 of us and we headed to the zoo at the request of my nephew, Tayshaun.  We took a lot of precautions for the heat since my niece, Jazaiah, is only 4 months old.  It worked out well and we made it through!  Tayshaun seemed indifferent when he saw most of the animals and just wanted to ride the train.  It made me wonder if we could have found a cheaper and more "humane" activity.  Either way, we had fun as a group.

Nap time was a highlight though.  The kids took a nice long nap at the house was quite.  In the evening we headed to an indoor inflatable playground.  I just want to say, I tore that place up!  I went on every slide and obstacle course they had.  I even have the skinned knees and elbows to prove it.  Ashley and her daughter, Kaleigh, joined us at the playground.  It was a great time, despite the fact that their air conditioning was not working.

For dinner it was left over pasta from last night.  Nothing special but it did the trick since my sister Caitlyn and her friend Amy wanted to go to a chain Chinese food place that they do not get in Maine.  I was able to begin the day with my nephew sitting on my front porch eating watermelon.


Anonymous said...

awww . . . Sounds like you are having fun. Wish our kids could get together. Hope you can come up and meet our 3.
-Love Nom

Alessandra said...

Preferred the train rides? Children are funny sometimes, and totally honest about that!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had lots of fun...Millie

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