Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Vistor!

It seems this is the year of the family.  My mum came to visit me in April, my sister at the beginning of this month and then my brother came for a short visit this weekend!

Several years ago, my brother, Ben, came down and lived with me.  He stayed in Atlanta about a year and then went back to Maine to continue his schooling.  He now has his degree and a jobby job in Boston.  He had some sort of training this week here in Atlanta so he flew in early and we spend the weekend together.

He got into town late friday night.  Saturday, Ashley joined us for a day of hiking in Sweetwater Creek State Park and dinner at Green Sprout.  We also stopped in and used our Fernbank Museum Imax tickets to see a tornado film.  It was a fun day.

Sunday he and I looked at a few houses and then I went to the jobby job.  We had a nice lunch of salad and watermelon with breaded mushrooms.

Monday, he and I went to the amusement park and hit up the roller coasters.  The lines were short and we hit about 10 coasters in about 4 hours.  That was a it much and we were dehydrated and hunger.  Toward the end, we started to get small blackout spots while on the coasters.  That was when we decided it might be time to leave.

Before I dropped him off at a hotel (where is conference was taking place) we had a nice sushi dinner.  It was really nice to see him.


Millie said...

you have been a busy host this year...great time with family is so wonderful...enjoy.

Alessandra said...

Nice water creek and park! But you are not dressed exactly like hikers. Are there easy walks?


Michelle said...

What a fun weekend! You rock by ridding that many roller would have done me in!