Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Six; fire, vegas, burger bar

Day Six.

We woke up in Mesquite Nevada with a plan to be back in Las Vegas for the second half of our trip.  On the way, we made a stop at the Valley of Fire State Park.  The park lived up to the bad ass name.  Ben, my mum and I immediately began to climb on the rocks.  These were some amazing red rocks.  Apparently, there are even some old Native Indian markings.  I was skeptical but I rolled with it.

I had so much fun climbing on the rocks and exploring the miniature caves.  There were some massive lizards running around the rocks as well.  Eventually my camera died and the heat began to get to us so we headed to Las Vegas.  After several failed attempts to find a beach on lake mead we slid into Las Vegas.

Once we were checked into our hotel, we went out for a dinner.  We ended up at The Burger Bar.  Chef Hubert Keller was the owner of this amazing restaurant.  Hubert Keller competed on the Top Chef Masters and scored very high on the vegan challenge.  For the quality of dinning, it was quite affordable.  Of course, I had the Vegas Vegan.  It was grilled eggplant and zucchini between two large portobello caps.  It was fabulous.  My mum, who is a pesco vegetarian since she was 16, kept asking for another bite.  The server was even nice enough to make me a vegan raspberry sorbet smoothie.  As a bonus, the fries were vegan and I was tearing them up.


After dinner, my brother took my mum and I around the strip.  We stopped and I watched them gamble at a big time casino.  After, we headed back to the resort, we had another big day tomorrow.

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