Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Comfort or health?

When I am sick, I often find it difficult to draw the line between the foods that make me feel better and the foods that make me feel good.  So often I want the comfort foods and rarely do I want to take the time to prepare the healthier foods that may make me feel better in the long run.  It is a conundrum really.

As an example, the other day, Ashley and I opted to have vegan coneys and cones.  Granted, it was a yummy meal, especially with the added country potato salad, however I should have eaten something a bit better for me.  I did salvage it slightly with the addition of a spinach smoothie.

If it were only cool enough for soup!  I can not wait until it is soup weather.  Soup is healthy and comforting and I miss it.


Millie said...

you cannot get better than that when your sick...its very scrumptious looking...hope you feel better by tomorrow.

Bonnie said...

I eat soup all year round, haha, but I see your point. Your meal looks delicious, though! hope you feel better soon.