Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Five; zion, tubing, oscars

Day Five.

Day five was a fun and unexpected day.  Zion national park.  We drive into the canyon and took the shuttle to the final stop.  The hike lead out to The Narrows which I really want to hike some day.  There is waits deep water through very narrow subway style walkways that the virgin river has cut through the rock more years.  I will just need to watch for flash floods.

The park was packed.  It was the Sunday of labor day weekend and people were everywhere.  We began the day by walking the river walk path toward the narrows.  I lagged behind taking pictures and we ever were able to get some river access.  Standing in the virgin river was a great experience despite the ice cold water.  I was so glad that my mum and brother both crossed the river.  I think these are the types of memories that will stick with them over long periods of time.

Zion was gorgeous.  We were at the bottom of a massive canyon with sandstone mountains jutting up on all sides.  As we got further down the trail we even passed a marsh!  It was quite the oddity.  Dragonfly (my mothers favorite) were all over the rocks.

As the day grew on, we opted to go back to the town of Springdale Utah to go tubing down the shallow part of the virgin river.  It was a great 3 hour trip for the family.  It was just enough fun adventure for my brother and I and did not wear out my mum, even if she and I both got bad rubber burns on our arms and legs.

At one point, I flipped my tube and went face down in the three foot water.  I came up just in time for my mum to hit me in the face with her tube and push me back down.  All of this in front of some adolescent kids who were yelling and laughing at us, reminding us that we sucked.

For dinner, we found a nice little restaurant called Oscars Cafe.  We had blue chips with guacamole and I had a burrito.  They had a fair amount of vegan options and the menu was well marked.  After dinner we headed back into Nevada on our way back to Las Vegas with one stop left the following day.  This would be our final day in Utah, sadly.  I have always had an affection for this state.


Jes said...

Holy giant burrito! And Zion looks gorgeous--I'd love to hike there too!

Millie said...

what a nice hiking place.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Mr. Wing-It and I have been wanting to go to Zion for ages! Thank you for sharing your trip and letting us live vicariously through your pictures! :D