Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More about the kitties!

The other day, I spent about an hour and a half sitting in my crawl space with the kitties.  I wanted to give them the option of being people friendly.  Eventually, they all took turns coming out to meet me.  I really like these kitties and part of me hopes they choose to live here.  Just not under my house.

I have a few major concerns about the kitties.  For one, they can not live under my house as feral cats.  That is not an option.  It is not safe and I do not want them going to the bathroom under my kitchen.  Another issue is the socialization and domestication.  I do not feel very good about forcing a wild animal into domestication.  It is not my place. Do I take them out to the woods and let them go?  If I do, is that not me making a choice for them as well?  It is a dilemma and I have some searching to do.

Well, in my not feeling great mode, I had a very light dinner the other night.  It was like I was a health vegan or something.  Walnuts, Peanuts, Cashews, and Cranberries.  It was really good and I may begin packing this to for work as well.  It felt a bit more like a mid-day snack though.  Oh well, it was good.


Leigh said...

A possible resource for you is Alley Cat Allies, who focus on feral cat protection. You may want to contact them with any questions you might have about releasing them somewhere other than under the house. http://www.alleycat.org

Rose said...

I second that: contact a rescue group that focuses on cats...they will be able to give you the best advice.

These are not true wild animals...they are domestic animals that "turn" wild through lack of domestication. They are not equipped to live in the wild in the same way that true wild animals are.

These cats will live longer, healthier, happier lives if you get them into the hands of a no-kill rescue or sanctuary...or even a managed feral cat colony...please don't let them loose in the woods.

Making a choice for them that will give them a chance to live their lives to the fullest is the best possible thing you could do.

Feral cats have high mortality rates and often die from hunger, disease, and overpopulation. These cats are still young enough to reach some level of domestication, and will have a much better chance to survive and thrive than if they continue to live in the wild.

Rose said...

Just found this link to a feral cat org in Georgia; it might be a good lead for more info/advice:


Rose said...

Sorry to keep posting...last one, I promise.

Here's the HSUS info on how to help ferals.

Jes said...

As someone personally owned by a used-to-be feral cat, I'd say that socializing the kittens would probably work out really well. Once the two feral kittens got in our house, they wouldn't get out--and the one I have, Dorian, is the most personable, wicked fun cat I've ever had. If you want more advice, definitely talk to a feral rescue, but just from my own experience, I say catch 'em and go for it! Finding homes for them is far preferable to the other options.

Carol said...

I wouldn't assume they are feral cats, they seem too friendly and trusting to be feral, so please don't think you are doing them a disservice by 'forcing' them into domestication. Being a stray is obviously not the same as being feral. I would definitely not turn them loose in the woods they would almost certainly become prey for foxes etc as they are so young. I would definitely get some advice from one of these agencies that other posters have kind enough to look up.

Millie said...

Take them to a rescue shelter in which they can get them ready for adoption...good luck.