Saturday, August 21, 2010


The gardening has been frustrating.  The rabbits did some significant damage early in the season and now we are in a drought.  The beets are about to end the growing season and are looking fairly small.  The okra and pepper plants look great but are not producing much.  I have gotten 2 very underdeveloped bell peppers and i picked my second okra.  I am not sure what I should do with a single okra every couple of weeks.  Not many recipes that call for a single okra!

The good news is, that I finally closed on a house that I had been working on for about six months.  It felt good and it was a friend of mine that bought the house.  He is very happy with the purchase and it makes me feel good to know that I helped him buy his first home.  Despite the challenges of getting the property to closing, it is clear to me that this is what I want to be doing.  Now I just need to find some more clients or I can get out of my jobby job.

The grand Canyon trip with my mum and brother is only about 10 days away!  This should be a fun adventure.  I honestly can not recall a time when we had a family vacation.  This may be a first.  My mum and I have taken some fun trip and many day trips but I think this will be the first time that we have added a sibling of mine.

Oh, and I made some pasta for lunch the other day.  It was with some leftover seitan, garden fresh basil, and mushrooms!  Yum!


Rose said...

Some years are like that in the garden...hmm, what to do with a single okra? That is sort of a funny problem. I have similar things going on in my garden this year...I'm only getting a handful of runner beans at a I usually just eat them raw on the spot.

Congrats on closing the house!

Millie said...

my plants are also dying...hardly no tomatoes this year either. Did you ever get the hair from the salon to get rid of the critters from the vegetable garden I told you about?

jrsimon56 said...

Good to know I'm not the only frustrated gardner. All my collards got swiped last week!

kmouse said...

congrats vic!

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

a drought? you can have some of the 14 inches of rain we've gotten in the last week!! We got 11.5 inches in a day...close to what happened in The Nashville Flood. We had to sandbag downtown again so the Farmer's Market wasn't ruined.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can buy some okra at the store and add your one okra to it for an okra recipe?