Friday, August 13, 2010

Kitties update

The kitties have been inside for slightly more than a week now.  The four of them have been a handful and often require more attention than I can offer.  I have occasionally enlisted both Ashley and Jamie for their help.  I am thankful that they are such great people and love kitties.

Within the first few days, the black cat and calico cat were sitting in my lap and crawling all over me.  They seem to think I am a jungle gym.  It is fun and make me feel happy to think that they like me.  However, the two tabbies, one of which is the runt, are very skeptical of the humans.  Understandably.  Typically, the two tabbies hide and even hiss at me.  I sit patiently and wait, for days.

Today we had a break through!  The runt, whom I call Nugget, sat in my lap for about 30 minutes.  This little kitties is so tiny but so cute.  Of course, as soon as it climbed out of my lap, the bugger turned and hissed at me for good measure.  Baby steps.

The larger tabby has yet to feel safe around me.  I hope they just need more time and I made a good choice in bringing them into the house.

The other night, I was walking around the front yard around dusk when I saw a small coyote in the neighbors yard.  When it saw me, it ran into the woods and disappeared.  My first thought was about the kitties.  I wonder what would have happened if they were still outside.


Anonymous said...

You totally made the right choice bringing them in! They'll grow up to be healthy, happy, and comfortable with people. All cats should be spoiled. :-)
4 cats is a lot, but we have 4 cats and 3 dogs, so it's totally doable without turning into the "crazy cat guy". Or you can work on finding a couple of them homes. Since they're all kittens together, though, I imagine they'll bond quite fiercely and keep each other company and be pretty easy to handle. (Just make sure you contact SpayGeorgia soon to get your low cost spay/neuter certificates. You'll want to get them snipped before they're 6 months old, or you could end up with more kitties.)

Rose said...

They are so adorable! Glad to hear you're making progress...I think you made the best decision for these guys.

They were very defenseless out there on their own without a Momma cat or other adult cats to teach them the ropes. And coyotes wouldn't be their only worry...humans often have very negative attitudes towards feral cats...I used to live in a neighborhood with a large feral cat population and one of my neighbors put poison out for them one time...another one wanted to round them up, lock them in his shed and gas them.

A long story short, they are certainly safer and will lead longer happier lives with your help in gaining their trust and finding them loving homes. They deserve to be loved.

Now that they are learning to trust humans, it should be easy to find loving homes for them. Kittens are a lot of work and require a lot of time, but I agree with Organic Goddess...they will be pretty happy even when you're busy so long as they have each other as companions.

I wish I lived closer; I'd definitely adopt one or two if I could.

dreaminitvegan said...

First I just want to let you know that I forgot to thank you, for my Happy 101 Award. So "thanks" that was so sweet of you.

Those kittens are so adorable and so awesome that you are taking care of them.

Your rafting trip looked like a total blast. I have to try it. Someday.

Millie said...

I think you have now offically inherited a family. good for you...they are beautiful and they give an amazing amount of love freely.

Mihl said...

I think that sounds like great progress. Cats sometimes take a long of time to feel comfortable around people. I'm sure they will all trust you soon.

jjessjjones said...

ohmigoodness. i love kittens.

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

you're making me want another cat!! I am wondering if the cats aren't really suspicious of you-if they're jealous of the other cats getting attention. Cats are really territorial. We have 2 inside; and it took the oldest one 3 months to get used to the idea of another cat being inside. I am sure they'll end up calming down and loving you to death <3