Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tramp it up!

Super fun morning! It has been years but I took it to the trampoline! I bounced like Tigger and was killing it! I forgot how much of a workout it is but it was well worth the effort. It is so much fun. I even got in a few sweet trick jumps.

Do not act like you are not impressed.

I only fell once....on camera.

My trampoline partner was far more daring and athletic than me. Cartwheels and all.

Just proves that even as I get older, I am still far to awesome not to have fun.


Sal said...

my friend has a trampoline in her back garden and we spent an awesome weekend this summer mucking around on it and doing handstands in the garden. you're right, you don't realise how much you're exercising until you feel the pain of it later!

Anonymous said...

more athletic THAN me!!!
(not that i think i am, it's just the GRAMAR that i am referring to!)

so, 3rd time in a row with thEn/thAn... are you doing this just to mess with me?? arg. T_T

awesome pics. :D

and i was sore too. just so you know.

Tara said...

This really made me smile. You are awesome.