Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great sunday

After only spending half a day at work today, I headed for feeling a bit under the weather to be pleasantly surprised by an outstanding day! Apparently, this is the type of day I can have if I am not at work.

Ashley came over in the afternoon and we got some tickets to a comedian she wants to see that is coming to Atlanta. We will be picking them up tomorrow. Then we went around and looked at random HUD houses because I still have the key and abandon houses are fun. It really made me appreciate all the work I put into my house. It was an interesting reminder of all my well spend effort. I am really beginning to enjoy my house, for awhile it felt like a job.

After an exciting afternoon my good friend Shazia came over to see the house. We made dinner, pesto fetichini with steamed veggies in a nutritional yeast sauce. It was a nice time and it is always good to see an old friend. We had some great discussion about language and math theory. Good times.
This is what $1.99 can get you at a Buford Highway Farmers Market.

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