Sunday, December 6, 2009

I moved into my new house!

I moved into my home this weekend. It is not entirely completed but close enough that I can call it home. It is huge. I did not even realize how big until I got my things inside. Some of the major changes I made to the house were wood floors, new roof, new HVAC, new carpet (downstairs), new counter tops, new bathrooms. I still need to paint and clean but here are some of the photos. There are several bedrooms not pictured. I will have more photos up as the cleaning and unpacking unfolds. Enjoy, I know I am!

I feel this is a good time to give massive thanks to all the people who have helped me out this weekend with the house. Knowa, Brenton, and Jenifer all helped me move in. Huge thanks! In fact, due to a bad cut on my finger and issues with the last minute appliances, they did most of the moving. Ashley was a huge help in cleaning as well. She really helped me get the kitchen looking semi livable. Jamie was a great help in getting things up and decorated. This is where she shines. I could not have done it this weekend without all of them.

I should also take a second to mention my first house warming gift. Vegan caramel apple pie! This was so good! The crust was nice and the filling held up really well. Something I can not seem to get right.

Looking forward.


kmouse said...

Congratulations on your new home! That is so wonderful. Looks so spacious with lots of light. Enjoy!

Jes said...

Congrats on moving & good luck settling in!

Oraphan said...

Congrats on your new home sweet home! Everything looks great!

Leigh said...

Your place looks great! Congratulations!

I'm Philippa O said...

ooo, i like the look of your kitchen! hope you're settling in well