Monday, March 9, 2009

Two days off!

I have had the last two days off from work and it has been extremely nice. I have relaxed, ate good food, and even went to a lawn sale (sort of). Sunday was a laid back day filled with a little grocery shopping, seitan eating, and second hand furniture buying. At one thrift store we found an end table that fit our needs as a catch-all for the front door. We had been looking for while and when Jamie saw the table I was not sold. After looking it over, I agreed it was a good buy and we lugged it off.
On our way home (with frozen foods) we saw that a house on our street was having a "pre-moving sale" in their home. Unable to resist the urge to go in someones home and rifle through their belongings, we stopped. Most of what they had was junk however, there was a hidden gem. For $40 we grabbed up a huge cedar chest. It is in really good condition and is light weight for its size. Tato loves it. As with all new furniture, he jumped all over it. He thinks we buy him new toys all the time.
Today was so relaxing that the only time I even left the house was to take Tato for a ride in the car. He likes the fresh air and we like his silliness. For dinner I made a black bean soup and a southwest salad. Both were great.

Southwest Salad

3 branches of red leaf lettuce
1 avacado
12 slices of raw onion
1/2 cup of corn kernels
1 tablespoon of fresh cilantro
3/4 cup of black beans

Well, it is a salad so just mix everything up and arrange neatly. No dressing needed.


veggievixen said...

mmm that salad sounds awesome. if you did want to add a dressing, there are some pretty yummy possibilities.

Fertile Ground Environmental Bookstore said...

Your writing style is hilarious- went to a yard sale (sort of)?? I'm in Toronto at work this morning- the snow seems to have stopped and the sun is out. Thanks for visiting my blog- I made it into a 3 column site but haven't been able to adjust the header- really annoying. Anyway nice meeting you (sort of).