Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day in Atlanta

After what has been a feverish week, literally, I am beginning to feel better. It seems like I have been ill in some way for a month now. Honestly, I am quite exhausted with not feeling well. I could hardly keep my eyes open for the finale of Top Chef on Wed night. I can not believe that Hosea won. Stefan out cooked everyone all season, hands down. The robbery did not upset me as much as Richard losing last season though. Maybe I was to sick to care this time.

On the more enjoyable side of things, my birthday is Tuesday! I am looking forward to the day. A nice addition to the birthday is that I found that K'Naan will be playing in Atlanta on the 4th, which I also have off from work. The last time I saw K'Naan was several years ago and I am really looking forward to the show.

In the midst of my sickness, I made some split pea soup. I had intentions of posting the recipe for you all to have but, I honestly can not recall what I put in it. I was very ill, I am not even sure I made it. Either way, it was extremely good and I got to eat leftovers the day after, as did Jamie. The rest of the week it feels like I have been eating take out because I have not been up to cooking.

Also in the middle of my fever, I went house hunting for another day. What can I say, I am hardcore. I saw some really amazing things and may pull the trigger on something this week. I tried to take Jamie to see the house I have been thinking about but when we got there, I was unable to get us in. There is already a bid on the table for the house I want but I may be able to beat it. I hope I am not being to hasty. Only time will tell.

I have today off and made some Thai food. For years now I have been perfecting a peanut lovers stir-fry. With each attempt, I think I get closer to my own idea of perfection with the dish. This time it may have been a bit to heavy but the flavors were strong. I have recently switched out the rice for rice noodles and I think it was a great choice. When I am happier with the recipe, I will post it up. You can also keep an eye out for the cookbook that it will one day grace the pages. Yes, I am in part, working lazily on a cookbook. I doubt I will make any money from it but I was to be able to share my food with people.

To the surprise of most Georgians, it has been snowing all day. No joke. Jamie and I went out and took some pictures. We encouraged Tato to experience the snow but he was not having it. He could not get back in the house fast enough. He is a character.

The city seems to be going berserk over the snow. At the store, people we grabbing cereal boxes like there was a zombie invasion in the horizon and they may never get to leave the safety of their homes again. In reality the only thing that seems to be affected by the snow here is the judgment of the already unsafe driving community in Atlanta.

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Tara said...

Wow, it looks like you got a lot of snow for Georgia! That must be very exciting. We had simultaneous snowstorms, as Anchorage got dumped on at the same time!