Monday, January 11, 2016

The Vegan Egg...

We tried it.  Vegan Egg.  All the cool kids are raving about it so we needed to join the fun.  I picked up a couple "dozen" online and we tried some scrambled "eggs" with a Saturday brunch.  The pancakes were great (egg free), the home fries were also great (also egg free) then Ashley, Kaleigh and I decided to all try the egg together.

Kaleigh thought it was decent, Ashley thought it was not great and I felt like it was under seasoned but the texture was cool.  I think we should have cooked it a bit longer and added more black salt but I enjoyed it.  They were definitely a little on the powdery side but that may have been operator error.

Has anyone else tried these and have any tips?  We did make some gluten free vegan brownies with them and those were great!

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Paula Leach said...

They're quite bland. Definitely, amp up the black salt & seasonings. I made a quiche with these that turned out great.