Monday, January 25, 2016

Kaleigh turned 9!

Kaleigh turned 9 on Saturday!  We had her birthday party at her karate dojo and it was a huge turn out.  Last year we let Kaleigh invite 15 friends, thinking about 10 would come and (aside from family) only 2 came.  Ashley and I felt awful so this year I gave her 40 invitations and hoped to get about 10-12.  That number ballooned up and nearly 25 kids were at her party!

It was a lot of folks but she had a blast and I think most of the kids did as well.  They got to break boards, throw ninja starts, play dodge ball, eat cake, open gifts, ect.  It was great to see Kaleigh have so much fun!

As she requested, I made Kaleigh a triple layer chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate ganache on top.  Sadly, every picture I took of the cake was either blurry or too dark.  I did however also make a dozen cupcakes since there were going to be so many kids.  They were vanilla cupcakes with purple and white vanilla swirl icing.

After Kaleigh's party we drove to Portland so we could eat at Silly's and get vegan milkshakes!  We all had a great day.  I feel fortunate to be in Kaleigh's life, she is a great kid with a great mom to boot!  Thank you to both of those girls for letting me in!

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