Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kaleigh's Cookies!

While riding home from karate class last night Kaleigh was talking about how she wanted to make something when she got home.  I always try to encourage her creativity and suggested she make a comic book.  She has been reading a lot of comics recently and thought she might like to make one.  She scoffed.

When we got home I started dinner and Kaleigh asked if she could make cookies.  I was happy to hear she would be in the kitchen with me and told her to go ahead.  She has made cookies by herself before and I figured she could do it again without issue.

She pulled out all of her ingredients, her cookbook and I noticed that she was also making them with the gluten free flour so that Ashley could have them as well.  She is such a thoughtful child!

It took her a bit to make them but she was determined to do it without assistance.  She was deciding what to add into the cookies for flavor and opted for cranberries, chocolate chips, coconut shreds, and currants.

When she was adding the currants she told me that they must have been genetically modified raisins.  I corrected her but added that it as great that she was thinking about those types of things.

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