Monday, November 23, 2015


About every six months, Kaleigh and I pull out all the food scraps that we have been saving in the freezer and make a bunch of vegetable broth.  This weekend we took the opportunity to clean out the freezers and opted to make loads of room by removing all the scraps and brothing!

We got out our two large pots and started packing in frozen food scrap veggies.  Adding water and bringing to a simmer.  Adding more water and simmering for several hours until the broth was dark in color and all of the veggie scraps were simmered well.

We double strained the broth to make sure there were no food scraps left in it and got 6 large jars of broth before dumping the simmered scraps into the compost.  It is always really rewarding to make broth and I am thrilled Kaleigh enjoys it.  We get to talk about how we try to use everything to its fullest but eating the veggies, then using scraps for broth then composting what is left.

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