Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eating the winter

A midst all the snow, we have had the opportunity to eat hearty foods without feeling sluggish.  Fall and winter foods are my favorite for this reason.  I really enjoy the oven.

Roasting veggies is one of my favorite smells.  I think adding a roasted veggie to a dish really throws it over the top.  Baking hearty corn breads and other breads always feels right when it is cold outside.

This time around I enlisted Kaleigh's help to make a tex-mex cornbread muffin.  I made some pinto beans with onions, cumin seeds, jalapeno, garlic, and red peppers; put them in the bottom of a muffin tin (which Kaleigh had already greased and floured) then poured my corn bread recipe over the top.  I tossed some diced jalapeno on the top and let them bake until done.

One the side we had some fried tofu with my BBQ rub, and I made an avocado gravy for the side.  The gravy was intended for the corn bread but was quite good on the tofu as well.  I could be biased though, I would eat avocado on most things,

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kmouse said...

That looks like a wonderful meal! You always cook great combination of flavors.