Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Milk Battle!

Recently, Ashley and I have noticed a new nut milk at the grocery store; cashew milk.  Curious we grabbed a carton.  We had the fun idea to put it to a blind test against our usual almond milk.

The difference in color was obvious, the cashew milk had a more yellow hue to it and looked thicker.  The taste was also noticeable.  I had almost a salty flavor and was far creamier.  It might be great for baking but was not quite as good for our cereal, and hot chocolates.

All in all, there was a clear difference.  The cashew milk is not likely to replace our use of almond but is not a bad nut milk by any means.  If I were to simply drink a glass of nut milk, I think I would prefer cashew to the watery taste of almond however, the girls vote still goes to almond,

The milk test was a nice indoor silly activity while we were getting hammered with our latest snow storm.  In the past 7 days, we have gotten just shy of 4 feet of snow.  Brutal.  Welcome back to Maine!

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