Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The un-seaweed sushi night!

Kaleigh and I both enjoy sushi.  We eat it when we can but it has not been often since Ashley seems to hate seaweed.  In fact, it is only the 2nd time we have made it at home since we moved to Maine over 7 months ago.

Sushi is a dish I love and it saddens me how infrequently I eat it not.  It just feels good in my belly.  The wasabi burn in my nose, the pickled ginger tangy aftertaste, and the freshness of the dish itself.

Recently, I spotted some soy wrappers that looked a lot like nori wraps but made from soy.  I snatched them up.  Last night was our chance to try them out.  I made 4 large rolls, 2 with nori and 2 with the soy wraps.  The soy wraps worked pretty well.  A little flimsy but resilient.  They were lacking in flavor but Kaleigh and my nori rolls were on par.  Ashley shared in the sushi fun as we ate off the salt brick!

Maybe there will be more sushi in our future.

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