Friday, July 12, 2013

Cooking with Kaleigh: Part 8; Shish Kabobs!

An episode of Cooking with Kaleigh is one of my favorite things to post.  I get such a kick out of both filming and posting these.  Kaleigh has come a long way with her kitchen abilities.  In many ways, it is a reflection of the progression of my relationship with her.  We both began timid, but over the years we have really created a lot of space for each other and ourselves.

This video was pretty spur of the moment.  I had been making some soy chicken for a little while.  We grabbed a dehydrated soy chunk item.  I hydrated them, fried them, and flavored them.  About the time I was finished, Kaleigh was getting home so we assembled a couple Shish Kabobs and then decided to film her making the final one.

After assembling the Kabobs, we baked them in the oven (no grilling since it has been raining all summer in Atlanta) for about 20 minutes or so.  The we added the sauce to the tops and broiled them for about another 5 minutes.  When we pulled them out, I dusted them with a few sesame seeds.

We also made a fried noodle and veggie dish to accompany the Kabobs.  The dishes complimented each other well and it turned out to be a great dinner.

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