Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All at once!

It has been a crazy week.  My real estate business has been keeping my hours long, which is great.  I am still grinding at the jobby job full-time, which is not great.  My car over heated and need repair work, also not great.  Working on finding a new tenant, which is annoying but necessary.  Jamie will be moving out in a week and has been painting my kitchen cabinets (Thank You Jamie!) which is going to look great but in the meantime means my kitchen is torn apart.

Ashley and Kaleigh will be moving in with me in about a month, which is really exciting.  It seems like it might be soon to the folks in the blog world but Ashley and I have been casually involved for 4 years and the three of us have become a tight knit unit.  It will be a huge change to my lifestyle but in a good way.

When we talked with Kaleigh about it, the three of us dressed up nice and went to lunch.  It was a short discussion as it seemed like Kaleigh thought it was great and was mainly concerned about her toys.  She also immediately proposed that we have a dog come live with us.  I think that is off in the distance if it were to ever come to pass but she is quite a character.

I am not a month away from leaving for vacation with Ashley.  We will be hiking in the western part of Washington state and even getting to see my old pal Todd.  It is going to be a great trip.  I even splurged and got a nice telephoto lens for my camera!

Lots happening right now!  Oh...and I ate the huge and awesome sandwich recently.  I could not even fit it in my mouth!

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