Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Folk Punk Show!

Folk Punk Show!

For a few weeks I have been looking forward to seeing a band from Houston called Days N' Daze.  They pretty much encompass all I enjoy about the folk punk genre.  They have acoustic guitar playing punk riffs, they have unorthodox instruments and out of key vocals.  Totally into it and needless to say, I was pumped.  They rocked the whole place.  They danced around, yelped and laughed and did it all without needing to be plugged in!

I arrived and noticed that to my surprise, Butcher Boy, another band playing, was from Maine!  Strangely, I did not know the members nor had I heard of them.  We talked for a bit and was excited to find out there is some house shows going on in Portland Maine.  It sounds like these folks really have some great times back home.  I informed all of the old punk heads in Maine about them and they are excited to check them out.  When Butcher Boy started to play, everyone was blown away.  They were amazing.  Haunting in their mastery on the genre.  It was intense and beautiful.  Sometime it is strange to see punks play something to aesthetically pleasing.

The opening band was decent but not my style as much, more rock, less punk.  We Few, a local Atlanta folk punk unit also played.  I have heard their name mentioned a few times and was interested in seeing them.  They were a lot of fun and had some rocking lyrics too.

This was a really fun night and all the bands were great.  The folks from Days N Daze as well as Butcher Boy were really nice.  Its nice that folks take time to talk to the old guy in the sweater that keeps taking pictures.


Alessandra said...

Folk punk sounds like an interesting concept :-).


VeganWoman said...

Love Folk Punk!~ We have a lot of that going on up here in the Pacific Northwest! This band looks interesting, thanks for sharing!