Friday, February 15, 2013

Best Valentines Videos Ever! Must Watch!

I had a great Valentine's Day!  I got to pick up Kaleigh from school and make dinner with her.  When I picked her up, I brought her some flowers.  She was really excited and all the other kids were jealous.  It was pretty funny.

We made pasta and salad for dinner.  I actually did not cheat this time and made the sauce from scratch.  I took 8 or so tomatoes and went to town on them.  It was fun and felt much healthier then the store bought stuff.

After dinner, Kaleigh and I made some chocolate covered strawberries.  She did it almost all herself.  I told her how to make the chocolate and she added all the ingredients and did all the stirring.  She then did almost all of the dipping of strawberries too.

I started to take a couple of picture of her doing it when she said, "you know Vic, that camera can take videos too".  Chuckling I said, "you're right, I'll make a video".  This was the result:

This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!  She is too cute!  She did this all in her own and aside from helping her recall the ingredients it was all her idea and all one take.  She might end up being an internet sensation!

Ashley came and picked her up after we watched a movie.  It was a great Valentines Day!  I am so lucky to have this little girl in my life.


adriennefriend said...

Why doesn't she have her own vegan cooking show?! This is amazing!!!

Catherine said...

I can't play the video on my phone, but that's ok. Awesome that you brought her flowers! I bet she'll be the hit of her class for ages on that one!

cecinotes said...

So precious and she is so freakin smart!!! Of course she gets that from her mommy. :) YOu should soo send this in to the food network...I swear they would prob want her to do a show.....