Friday, February 22, 2013

A six year old made me dinner!

Kaleigh came for a visit again last night.  We went to see a movie and then back to my house where I thought we might make pizza.  She said she was not in the mood for pizza and wanted to make a salad.  I tossed out the idea that we could use the pizza dough to make bread sticks and have both.  She loved it and was thrilled that she got input on dinner.  In fact, she was so thrilled, she offered to make it!

First we made the breadstick. We decided to make another video of the process since she is really good at rolling out the dough.  She is too cute!

Then, I assisted in cutting them into bread sticks and she finished them off.  While they were baking, she made the entire salad herself.  She chopped (supervised) romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and even tomatoes.  I told her I was not a big fan of tomatoes and that I did not need a lot of them in my bowl.  I got a scolding look and was told they were good for me as she heaped a handful in my bowl!  She even topped the salad with some currants she found in the cupboard.

She set the table while I pulled the bread sticks from the oven and took a few pictures.  She is one of the greatest kids in the world and I am happy we are buddies!

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Leigh said...

Man, her videos are awesome. So cute.