Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A trip to the mountain

Late last week, Ashley and I took her daughter, Kaleigh on a short hike.  Stone Mountain is a little cheeky tourist sport on the outskirts of Atlanta.  In fact, it is just minutes from my house.  As corny as the activities are, there is a mountain to hike.  It is a short hike, taking about 45 minutes  to get to the stop and can get a little steep as you get up there.  We played around a bit at the top of the mountain before it started to sprinkle.  We opted to hike back down before the rock got to slick from the rain.

I am trying to get in some hiking trip to get myself back into "summer shape" before my trip to Spain.  I hope to spend some time hiking in the mountains and do not want to miss it because I was too sore to keep pushing my body.  I really need to take advantage of this great little hike, so close to me, more often.


Millie said...

those short trips are sure worth taking.

Alessandra said...

Good to have a spot like this close to home :-)


xvavaveganx said...

You are definitely lucky to have such a beautiful hiking spot so close to you. I was actually just thinking today that it was so beautiful out and perfect for a hike or some mountain biking... not that I have ever been mountain biking before but today seemed like the perfect day to start :)

Beautiful photos too!