Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old School Gaming

Growing up, my dad got me into games.  We would take trips to the arcade where $5 would last hours.  When we were home, we played horseshoes, friz-bee, and lawn darts.  When we spent time with family, we would play board games and cards games.  Games were a large part of my youth.  As I got older, in my teen years, I started to get out of the video games a bit more.  I played a lot of pencil and paper games, dungeons and dragons type stuff.  I have always wanted to get back into a game if I had the time and a group.  Recently the opportunity presented itself!

I am back in it!  Not with the people I grew up with playing but a new group of people I am getting to know.  It has been a lot of fun and kind of a throw-back to my teen years.  In a world cluttered with smart phones, 10 button controllers, high speed internet, and all the other instant gratification, it is nice to sit down with humans, pencils, paper and our long forgotten imaginations!

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Millie said...

we love board games. We love them so much that we ran out of space to store them. So now they are in the 3 season room floor piled one on top of another. Awwww, the joy of mental distruction is so worth it.