Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great week in Atlanta

I have been picking up a little in the Real Estate business.  It will hopefully be a good year for me there.  I have been busy all week doing things to get deals in order.  It feels good, light at the end of the first tunnel good.

I have also been cleaning around the house a lot and trying to get outside on some of the amazing days we have been having in Atlanta.  I may try to get out and do a small hike before the weather turns again. 

Tonight, Ashley and her daughter came over for a brief dinner.  I made a simple stir-fry, nothing fancy.  I did use my Stir-Fry Sauce recipe, which I am a big fan off.  Not to mention so soy chicken (Ashley's favorite) that I found at the store.

I tried some new tofu noodles that I found at the store but they did not go over well.  They were kind of rubbery and tough to chew.  I gave them a shot and am very glad I had rice already going for a backup plan.

After dinner, Kaleigh and I did some arts and crafts in the garage and she showed me a book she got about Maine.  It has been an eventful week to be sure.

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Millie said...

to you that meal may not be fancy but to me it sure looks very fancy and yummy...good job Vic.