Friday, February 24, 2012


I feel that most of my blogs recently have been lacking in content.  I realize this and it is something I am working on.  Saying that, I do have some news to share.  One of the many financial operations I have been working on recently has come to fruition.  I have a new (sort of) roommate.

Jamie has opted to rent my downstairs room for a reasonable fee.  This means some extra income for both of us and I get to live with my buddy Tato again!  Jamie and I have lived together for a couple years, a couple of years ago.  Our lives have gone in different directions since then but it should work out fine.

Personally, beyond the financial benefits ,I hope that this will encourage me to cook more.  I get really unmotivated when I am cooking alone.  Even if Jamie and I do not eat many meals together, I think having someones else to try dishes will motivate me some.  I am hoping for some great dishes to come forth soon!

Recently, I roasted some potatoes in garlic, and rosemary to take to work as part of my meal.  They came out great.  Sometimes I forget how much I like potatoes.  I may even post a recipe for this as it was fantastic.


xvavaveganx said...

That's great that you'll have a roommate again! I totally know how it goes being unmotivated to cook for just one person. Those potatoes look amazing though!

PIE-314 said...

Mmm! Potatoes are the best! They look delicious.