Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinner and Popcorn

Thursday was my turn to host a dinner with Adrianne and Nate (from the Crack the Plates site).  I had a dinner plan that went south very quickly when i realized that I did not have a key ingredient.  As any marginal cook would, I improvised.

What came out was a surprisingly delightful meal.  I ended up roasting some vegetables and white beans with a bushel of basil and some tempeh.  I doused it with some oil, salt, and red wine vinegar and served it over brown rice.  It is nice when it all comes together.

For desert, since my baking skills are defunct, I made my secret recipe popcorn!

We had long talks into the night as usual.  The discussions got a little heated but it is still great to have motivating conversation.  It seem like much of my life is spent without it.


Shazia said...

i want a popcorn maker. do you like the way yours makes popcorn?

Alessandra said...

Uh, what is the secret popcorn???


Millie said...

that dinner plate full of all that great food is making me hungry...yum!

Rose said...

Dinner looks awesome! Well done on the improvisation.

I'm with Alessandra....what's your popcorn secret? I love that photo...I'm totally making popcorn tonight after dinner.

Zoa said...

What a gorgeous mess!