Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mainely Vacation: Day One - Savory Pemiquid

Officially, day one of my vacation was spent in Atlanta, cleaning my house, packing, and getting ready to leave for Maine.  My day one in Maine was more significant.

My mum and I got up and picked up my rental car.  She went to work for a bit while I went to the grocery store.  While I was there, in the small city of Augusta Maine, I ran into my sister Cait.  In Atlanta running into people I know is far more uncommon.  Luckily, it was someone I wanted to see!  She shopped for a bit, bought our groceries and then we picked her up a blender as an early birthday present.  It was a nice afternoon.

Shortly after eating a few veggie burgers back at the house, my mum arrived and we headed to Pemaquid Point.  I have been there many times and each time I enjoy it more.  Most people get all giddy about the lighthouse but I am not much for the human-made structures.

My enjoyment at Pemaquid, comes at the rush of waves cutting lines in the coastal rock.  You can see how much the ocean has receded when you view the rocks.  The spray from crashing waves is a constant in the air.  Pemaquid is one of my favorite spots to visit in Maine and until this trip, it has been years.  In fact, it had been year since I had seen the ocean.  This was a great afternoon trip.  Good company and good views.

For dinner, my mum and I drove through the small town of Damariscotta Maine.  Damariscotta is a tourist town, buzzing in the summer months and a ghost town during the harsh Maine winters.  We strolled through the town glancing at menus or a few minutes when we found a place called Savory Maine.  This is a mostly organic restaurant that was very accommodating to my vegan diet.  The server quickly got all the information I needed.  It was a great meal.  My mum got a fish dish, and I had a vegetable tofu soup,
tempeh loaf with marinara, potatoes, and a side of ratatouille.  It was extremely good, we ate on the deck, overlooking the ocean.

The ride back to my mum's house was even a nice trip through the country in Maine.  It is days like this that remind me why I stayed there for so long.

That evening, I went to see Jonny.  Jonny's wedding was in two days and I had still not met his future wife.  The three of us stayed up late, relaxing, and playing some games.  For Jonny and I, it was jut like old times.


Fatally Yours said...

Beautiful photos!

And the food looks delicious too!

One day I would love to make it to Maine, especially in the autumn months!

Sharon said...

Hey that is my tempeh loaf. So glad you enjoyed your meal.

Jes said...

Wow, what a gorgeous coast line! I fell in love with Maine when I was there last year--those gorgeous pics make me miss it so much. And the eats look delish!