Monday, August 8, 2011

Lunches aplenty

Since my vacation is right around the corner, the jobby job is running me ragged.  In fact, I spent my last day off making food to take with me for lunches.  I will not be working many really long shifts but I will be logging in many shorter shifts.

Going back to a dish Ashley and I made a few weeks ago, I opted to re-create lasagna.  This time around I used some mock meat and to be honest, I liked the non-mock meat version much better.  However, it is a huge amount of food that will help me pull through the final days before my vacation.  Next time I make some, I will make sure to share the recipe.

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dreaminitvegan said...

Good looking lasagna. I'm with you on the non-mock meat versions. I think elimanating meat from our diets our tastes change. Sometimes when we have meat eaters over I will use the mock meats in the lasagna