Friday, January 21, 2011

Fighting with cookies

I have been trying to bake some cookies.  I have an older chocolate chip cookie recipe that I want to update.  It has been a difficult experience but I am getting close.  Maybe I should have learned to follow directions better when I was a child.

This attempt left them slightly cake-like but nice and soft.  I have a few ideas that I can get this right.  Do not hold your breathe for this new recipe but it will be coming.

In the meantime, I went with an old classic to boost my bruised baking ego.  Blueberry muffins!  These are always a tasty treat.  I made such just last week but I guess I was not done.

I have been taking so much food to work with me to avoid eating out at the jobby job that I have not had to make a store run since the middle of October.  I looked through my account and it seems I have saved nearly $300 simply by taking food (that is better for me) to work!


Catherine said...

good for you! packing a lunch is ALWAYS cheaper, in my opinion! I pack a lunch nearly every single day.

Millie said...

I don't know how your cookies tasted but they sure look good. I made chocolate chip cookies with dehydrated apples in them. They came out really good but I was good to only eat two and I gave the rest of them away. Too bad your so far away from me, I would of dropped them off to you...there were about 15 of them.

Jes said...

Perfect or no, I could go for one of those cookies right now!

dirtyduck said...

thats a lot of saved money!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also always take lunch to work, saves so much time and money. And with the money saved I can buy more vegan cookbooks.

Michelle said...

mmmmm...those cookies look delish!
I always take my lunch and snacks to work. About the only time I don't is if I am in major need of grocery shopping...sure saves a lot of money!